Pastor Ben Cloud

Pastor Ben Cloud is Lead Pastor and Teaching Pastor at Amadeo.  Ben is married to Mandy and they have four beautiful (at least to them) children.

Ben graduated from Northern Arizona University with a BA in English, an MA in Applied linguistics and served as a High School English teacher for five years. Ben is a certified K-12 Principal and in certified in Educational Leadership.  After his teaching years he then worked in software development with Pearson and General Dynamics where he helped test and develop software for another nine years.  While he worked as a software engineer, Ben was the Student Ministries pastor at Vineyard Community Church for five years when he felt God calling him to plant Amadeo Church. (Truth is, the staff at VCC came to Ben and told him that he  was who they felt was called to plant a church.)  Ben completed his Masters of Ministry with St. Stephens University while also planting and growing Amadeo Church.  He has been pastoring AMADEO church for 12 years and helped a partnership plant a church in Tanzania.

Ben hopes to plant 40 churches in 40 years, but his prayer request to God is to plant the first one in the states by 2020.


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Discipleship & Teaching Pastor TBA

This pastor is responsible for Encouraging Discipleship throughout the whole Church and leading our mid-week discipeship courses including Gospel and Mission Classes, Discipleship and Mentoring classes, membership classes, financial peace classes and other Bible Teachings.

This pastor will be over men's ministries (including retreats), small group development and care, and the specialty care groups (grief share, etc)


Teaching & Sunday Services Pastor Reginald and Raquel Johnson

Reginald joined staff as a bi-vocational Pastor helping with Sunday Services & Teaching. Reginald and Raquel have planted a Church and served as ministers in every Church they have attended.  They have three wonderful kids and a group home where they care for a whole lot of God's children.


Pastor Nathaniel Zefron and Cassandra.

Pastor Nathaniel is a Church Planter in Training and helps teach, care for the whole Church on Sundays, work in the coffee shop, visit the sick and elderly, shutins, and leads a home group.


Osman and Andrea Toruno - Deacons of Humor and Unity in Our Diversity

Osman and Andrea have been serving in children's Church, with youth, and in our Sunday services.  They have two wonderful daughters.  Os works in a field where he defends equal rights for all people in the workforce.

At AMADEO he helps us keep it light with his humor - helping us all never take ourselves too seriously.

However, they both are very serious about serving the Lord and presenting a clear message of the gospel.  Os and Andrea are champions of our goal to have unity in our diversity.


Gale & Lawrence

Gale works in the technology industry and is married to Lawrence.  Lawrence has helped out in hospitality for as long as he has been there.

Gale works with Soul Care Groups caring/shepherding women's hearts, and is one of our leads in evangelism, mercy, and outreach.


Sherri (Director of Worship) & Jeremy Giguere

Sherri is our director of the music ministry.  She helps organize several teams, mentors up and coming leaders and organizes the sound garden, a venue for developing worship leaders.

Jeremy & Sherri lead a beautiful family of five children.  Jeremy is a manager with a global semi-conductor manufacturer.

He has been an elder over all of Amadeo's community outreach efforts and also helps with facilities. His family has hosted the longest running home group in church, nearly seven years, they have only recently taken a break from that.

He teaches in Sunday school, also helps out in difficult situations, helping to resolve conflict. You may find him at church all day Sundays and hours after helping to clean up the church. He helped us move into the building with a lot of sweat equity and helped us clean up the church last year in a big way.

He has been helpful with financial priorities as well and helped to make it so the pastor never misses a check.


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Youth Pastor Nate McAvoy

Nate and Robin have been Serving at AMADEO in various capacities including children's and youth ministry, worship minsitry, and with local and global missions for over four years.  Their family does ministry all over the country hosting VBS events and traveling in Mexico and in Germany.


Pastor Ian Aston

Ian is a math teacher by trade, a dad of five and married to Kim.

He is the bi-vacational elder/pastor. He has lead, hosted, and assisted with home groups and helped spawn many different home groups. He has been a long-term major supporter of Pastor Ben, and when difficult situations arise he is fearless, gentle and willing to tackle whatever needs to be done in a tactful and godly way.

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Minister Louise Bowman

Louise is married to Steve Bowman and they have amazing kids who serve in our youth.  Louise and Steve have helped with teaching, greeting, Sunday cleanup, prayer and a million other servant-leader activities.  Louise also works with the pregnancy center.

Louise is gifted at caring for women in our Church and empowering them for what God has for them.


Courtney & Nick - Courtney Administrative Assistant

Courtney and Nick are original church planters and have two incredible kidoos with one in the oven.

Courtney ran the children's ministry for many years and was a champion for us.


Elder Sam Amagatse

Elder Sam and His wife Melanie and two kids have been in the Vineyard for a long while now.  He is a champion over prayer and helps on Sunday services in various ways.  He is Construction Project Manager for a general contractor.

Interim Children's Director Mandy Cloud

Mandy is the interim children's director.  She is an amazing servant leader.



Elder Vu Hoover

Vu is a financial auditor with a global accounting firm and leads a beautiful family of five children with his wife Amy.

Vu was integral in planting our church and he and Amy have helped out leading home groups, mentoring young marrieds, and leading in many ways. Vu peformed informal audits in our early years and has been serving for three years in New York.

He helps with financial issues.


Contact Vu at


Elder Darrell Kennedy

Darrell Kennedy has been at AMADEO for most of the years it has existed.  Darrell's wife Angie and two kids have done a plethora of simple and humble services at AMADEO, including:  Sunday School, Catalyst Kids, Facilities, Sunday Snacks, Parents of Teens, Youth group, and men's and women's ministry.  Darrell is Elder over facilities and Angie is a deacon.

Mandy Cloud

Mandy is Director of the Vineyard Pregnancy Center and leads a Wednesday morning women's bible study. 


Shelly Kohler - Deacons of Outreaches

Shelly and her husband Jon work with  RE:STORE, Vineyard Community Center, The Coffee Shop, the Pregnancy Center,  the Low Income Apartment Outreaches, and our connections with Friends Feed Friends (Homeless) and helping partner with organizations that work towards eliminating human trafficking.

Cheryl and Gary Ozmon.

Cheryl is a champion of prayer, has hosted and lead small groups with her husband, and past women's ministries leader.  Gary is lead deacon over greeting services.  They have three amazing daughters and were key planters at the church from the very beginning.